General Surgery

The Department of General Surgery of Alaknanda Hospital provides evaluation and treatment of the full range of complex general surgery problems. General Surgery is the surgical specialty that focuses on the abdominal organs. Despite the term "general", surgeons that practice general surgery are highly skilled surgeons that typically operate on common abdominal complaints including Appendicitis, Hernias, Gallbladder Surgeries, Stomach and Intestinal Issues.

Trained, qualified and experiences surgeons with state-of-the-art back up facilities. High risk emergency surgeries like Intestinal Perforations, Intestinal Bleeding, Hernia & Intestinal Obstruction are undertaken. Back up facilities like well equipped operation. Theater and Surgical Intensive Care Unit give world class surgical care to all the patients. Major Cancer Resections & surgeries on Thyroid, Breast, Gastro-Intestinal Tract, Pancreas, Liver & Bile Duct are routine.