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About Alaknanda Hospitals

The Alaknanda Hospital Diagnostic and Research Center is one of the oldest of its kind, it's multi speciality hospital with 100 beds of which 20 are ICU. The number of consultants has increased from the initial 32 to around 60 with 25 fully trained resident doctors, the department of nursing has 60 well nurtured nurses at any given time.

The hospital has also played an important role in serving the less fortunate section of society which was an important part of the vision of its founder.

Alaknanda Hospital has focused on advanced medical technologies coupled with our highly capable team of consultants and clinical staff to enhance patient care and bring greater precision to every aspect of surgery. Through the training, research and innovative.

Today minimal requirement for doing Neurological surgery Operation Theater should be fully modular to reduce the incidence of infection. Our Hospital is equipped with good operating microscope which gives enlarge & three configuration of Pathology so that minimum harm to normal neural cells. (Hospital equipped with Modern ZEISS surgical microscopes).

The diathermy which is used for cognition of small vessels bleeder should have minimal heat or no heat to the surrounded normal neural tissues. Like Johnson & Johnson which has made Bipolar electrocautery an advantage in terms of the precision of the extent of tissue coagulation and the lateral extent of thermal tissue injury.

Our Hospital is equipped with the cavitron ultrasonic surgical aspirator (CUSA). Cavitron ultrasonic surgical aspirator (CUSA) to “cut out” brain tumors without adversely affecting the surrounding healthy brain tissue/Vessels.

Combined Team of people involved in Neuro monitoring takes an extra precaution & care for different complex surgeries.